I'm currently redoing my portfolio to include UI, UX, and Photography examples in a cohesive way. Coming soon I promise! Hope you like it! ⚡


My name is Sergey Guryakov

As an experienced Product and UX designer, specializing in health care industry in the last few years, I have routinely solved complex problems with multiple stakeholders and fluid set of assumptions. Relying on data and user research, I coordinated a team of designers, strategists, copy writers, and developers, often offshore, to deliver quality product within assertive timelines and to ensure business objective and user needs meet.

Most recent work is ibrance.com, arthritis.com, innovation.org, and ra.xeljanz.com.

Traveling often via House to Laos or #housetolaos.

Sergey Guryakov


Making Internet better since 2004.

I have been designing for the web for the last 14 years. Thus far, I have been a part of a start-up, a design shop, a government contract, a freelance lifestyle, and an agency.

Starting with pure design, I've soon realized that making internet pretty was not enough for me, so I focused on making pretty things move.

During the time when front-end developers were switching from tables to divs, I became proficient in html/css - #iwasthereforIE6 #neverforget

With an intimate knowledge of design and front-end development, I moved into User Experience field using my B.S. in Psychology to help shape better, more valuable engagement between users and companies. I joined Wunderman to promote and advocate for user experience discipline and grew from two to eight in the DC office, specializing in the healthcare and pharma industries for the last four years.

After leaving Wunderman as an Associate Director of User Experience, I am now focusing on combining my background in psychology, design, and development to help companies big and small look and feel better about their web/mobile presence.

My specialty is user experience, digital and otherwise.


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Why stereojam?

Sergey is a formal version of my name. The informal version is actually longer and more complex. The best way to pronounce it is to say stereojam, while omitting T and M.

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stereojam >>>> stereojam >>>> sereoja [se-ryo-zha]

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